Ensuring clients find strong and effective leaders

Wynsor Allen

18th July 2016

Anniversary Feature

STRONG effective leadership has always been crucial to the success of any business and in today’s challenging and competitive world, having the right individuals in key management roles is essential.  Taking care of sourcing the right management level recruit remains at the heart of successful Northamptonshire recruitment company Wynsor Allen Management Services Ltd, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. In an age where technology and a desire for instant results seem to be taking over the ‘human’ face of recruitment, Wynsor Allen prides itself on taking the time to fully understand every client and their requirements and then to deliver the right solution.  In-depth face-to-face meetings with both employer and candidates are the life-blood of the service delivered by Jo Wynsor, who founded Wynsor Allen back in 1991.  “It’s all about understanding a company’s culture and finding the right person to thrive in that environment. A CV might look impressive but there’s so much more to recruitment than supplying a list of people with the right qualifications.” This values-based approach is key to the company’s ongoing success. With many clients based in and around the Northamptonshire area, Wynsor Allen also works with organisations across the UK and supports North American-based clients in securing key individuals to lead and develop UK subsidiaries. Jo, who is also a qualified personal development coach, said: “We have a hard-won reputation for integrity and honesty and I feel a huge responsibility for what we do.  We’re impacting on people’s businesses and careers and we have to treat that with respect. Spending time with people is important. It’s an opportunity to really understand and then to match the right person to the right job in the right company, which ultimately leads to success for all involved.” During 25 years the company has evolved and refined its services to deliver committed results-orientated consultancy that supports every client in maximising the potential of their greatest asset – their people. A wealth of testimonials shows how clients value this traditional approach. Jo said: “I can be confident in the candidates we introduce to our clients. We will have talked through the role and person specification with them, looked at the structure of the department and the company’s culture and invested the time to ensure we have a really strong shortlist.” To find out more about how Wynsor Allen can make a difference to your company’s management team see the website at www.wynsorallen.co.uk or call Jo on 01604 871030.