Deadline looms for protection


1st February 2018

Business Villages

MANY businesses may feel that they are inundated with IT issues that need dealing with as a matter of some urgency - whether it is to protect their own business or protect their customers or clients.

Lessons have been learned through attacks such as the Wannacry ransomware that hit the NHS a few months ago - just one in a series of malware and ransomware attacks that leave everyone vulnerable and which are only likely to become more frequent as our dependence on technology increases.

Less of an immediate threat, but just as important are changes to the way we store, use and handle data via our IT systems.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May and all businesses need to be aware of their obligations. The new legislation will introduce tougher fines for non-compliance with data protection or breaches of IT systems. Companies will have to demonstrate compliance, carry out a data protection audit, determine how their data will be processed and make sure their policies, processes and documentation is up to date.

In addition, many companies are having to explore how they comply with Cyber Essentials guidelines set by the Government or the International ISO 27001 standard which covers the security and protection of business data and any data they may hold in relation to their business or the public. This includes things like firewalls, user access control and malware protection.

C37 specialises in IT support and works with companies of all sizes to ensure they have systems in place that not only do the job they need them to do, but also offer the level of protection that clients and customers need and expect.

From backing up data to safeguard a company's future should the worst happen - a cyber attack or something physical like fire or flood - to upgrading software and hardware, and increasing protection to protect the system as far as is possible from any outside threat, we can help.

For more information about the services available through C37, contact Chris Walker on 07976 767802, 01604 211433 or email