Christmas party perfection

Whittlebury Hall

1st October 2018

Christmas Bookings

Whittlebury Hall

PLANNING your company's party, the easiest of tasks. There are many aspects to consider and a lot of people to please, but our top tips can help with the planning process to ensure everyone has well-earned fabulously festive time!

Set a budget and stick to it

Before you even start looking at venues, decide what your limit is and stick to it - most venues will be able to tell you what can be done on your budget or how you can scale back to make savings. It can also help to book an all-inclusive package, as this way you know all the costs up front.

Choose a venue with event-planning expertise

If you don't want the stress of arranging every element of the party yourself, choose a venue with an experienced events team as they will be able to take on a lot of the planning and supplier liaison on your behalf.

Keep things fresh with original theming

A well-produced creative theme can turn an average Christmas party into something people talk about for years to come!

Take care of travel for your guests

Nothing is likely to hamper the enjoyment of your guests more than having to worry about making a long journey home or having to leave the party early to catch the last train. Think about where your guests are travelling from and choose a venue that will be easily accessible and that has accommodation so guests can stay the night.

Treat your team and party in style this year at the Alpine Ball at Whittlebury Hall. There's delicious food, dancing and a DJ all set within a beautifully decorated venue, plus 254 bedrooms available.

Give the Whittlebury Hall events team a call on 01327 850447 or visit to start your party planning!

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