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Orchid Event Management

1st October 2019

Christmas Bookings

Orchid Event Management

SOMETIMES, the best parties are the ones you organise yourself - with the theme, the entertainment and the venue that works best for you.

Putting together a Christmas bash for friends or work colleagues might sound like a big ask, but with the help of an events expert, the planning becomes a whole lot easier.

David Barratt runs Orchid Event Management, which can co-ordinate all the different aspects of staging an event, from simply organising a DJ for the night to managing the whole project on your behalf.

Over the past five years, David has put together an enviable list of suppliers and specialists that he can call upon to ensure everything runs smoothly.

He said: "I started out simply supplying disco equipment and lighting for events such as birthday or Christmas parties and wedding receptions. Sometimes, I'd simply provide the equipment and leave them to it, or I could find a DJ to host the event. From there, people started asking me if I could help out with other things, and so I began to link up with the likes of caterers and marquee hire firms."

Today, Orchid Event Management can help organise an entire event from a social occasion to a product launch or conference, calling upon its database of entertainers, caterers, venues, florists and the like so that clients can discuss their options with David and then leave everything in his hands.

Those using the service to organise their company's Christmas party benefit from being able to outline their bespoke needs, from themes and entertainment to food requirements and then turn up on the night, ready to get started.

"There's no pressure from me about what the client wants or needs," said David. "If they just need lighting and a sound system, they can hire that, but all too often people are busy enough without having to organise a whole event themselves, so they welcome a bit of expert help."

Find out more about Orchid Event Management on 01832 735970 or 07936 667645 or visit the website