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Saxon Blinds

1st March 2019

Conferences & Events

Saxon Blinds

WITH the likes of Skype and Google Hangouts making it easier to hold virtual meetings, businesses are finding they can keep wasted time and money to a minimum.

Online conferences might mean fewer hours travelling and less spent on airline or train tickets or fuel, but it's also important to make the sessions as comfortable and focused as possible for those taking part.

One of the region's leading blinds manufacturers, Saxon Blinds in Northampton, has seen an increase in customers looking to fit systems that make virtual meetings a more pleasant experience.

Mark Grainger, Managing Director of the Magee Street firm, said: "Using an internet link-up to hold a meeting saves a lot of time and effort and they are becoming increasingly popular.

"Companies have invested in technology to make that part of their normal working day, but it is important to make sure the environment is comfortable for everyone. That means getting the light is right, cutting out too much sunlight or glare to that images on the screen are clearer and easier to watch.

"We've found that we are increasingly asked to put together systems for companies that want good quality blinds to control the light in the room. It's the way forward for so many businesses now and we have a complete range of black out blinds and roller blind systems that can help them create the right virtual meeting space."

The Northampton firm have built a reputation in a number of sectors, including industrial, office, education and health care, for its innovative quality products that range from a simple set of roller blinds to state-of-the-art remote controlled systems. Although all products are manufactured in the firm's Magee Street factory, the customer base is UK-wide.

For more details on the range available at Saxon Blinds, contact Saxon Blinds on 01604 601888, email or visit the website