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1st March 2018

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DEMAND for good quality coffee is high these days, but when you're catering for hundreds of delegates or exhibition visitors, keeping standards high isn't always easy.

Carrara Collection, based in Market Harborough, have the solution you've been looking for.

The premium artisan coffee wholesale supplier not only carefully sources and roasts the finest green coffees to produce a range of blends and single origin coffees for restaurants, hotels and offices across the UK, it also leases premium equipment that makes all the difference to the resulting cup of coffee.

Carrara also provides in-house barista training and employs its own team of engineers who provide full service maintenance.

Paul Armstrong, from Carrara Collection, said: "Coffee has taken off so much over the past few years and there's a great demand for good quality brands, but it's sometimes difficult to achieve the level of quality people expect if you're catering for large numbers. The outlay for the type of coffee machine you really need to produce a high-quality drink is prohibitive for many people, but we have the solution to that. We lease coffee-making equipment so that our customers can produce a quality, bean-to-cup drink every time. We run a coffee school to teach baristas how to make the best cup of coffee, and we provide regular service and maintenance where necessary, so the customer doesn't have to worry about their machinery not being fit for purpose."

Carrara Collection's range of coffees, carefully selected from farms and estates from across the world, is available wholesale, as well as in 350g packs, perfect for enjoying at home. The selection includes six different coffee blends, plus a variety of single origin coffee that allow people to understand the different characteristics that come with growing coffee in different climates and altitudes.

The full range of coffees can be viewed and ordered at the Carrara Collection website, where there are also full details of the firm's wholesale services and the range of equipment available.

Call 01858 469006, email or visit the website