Help at each and every stage


1st March 2017

Conferences & Events


AN impressive display at a conference or event begins with Fabtronic discussing a brief or idea with customers to ensure they make the most of the range of equipment and services available to them.

Each project is given its own project manager so that each one is individually tailored to a client's specific requirements.

The Moulton Park-based company has its set design and build facility, which means customers can choose a stage and set in colours tailored to suit their branding.

Stage: a site visit to the venue prior to an event is always carried out to ensure that the set looks great. The size of the stage is determined by what is going on the stage and the space available in the venue. The staging can also be carpeted in the client's choice of colour.

Sound: Fabtronic work on sound perfection - the client just has to say what needs to be heard and Fabtronic will ensure that it is. The sound engineers are on hand during the event to monitor levels and ensure even distribution of sound.

Visual: the team will help give conference the visual impact the client desires. Using a combination of projection and plasma screens and multiple source inputs and outputs to show presentation and video footage.

Lighting: good lighting is a crucial element of any great event or conference. The lighting can enhance brand awareness and can restyle any venue. Lighting can set the ambience required.

Fabtronic's events team are smart, enthusiastic and discreet on the day of the event to ensure that everything goes along smoothly

When hosting a live event you only have one chance to get it right and Fabtronic will make your next event one to remember - for the right reasons. Call Fabtronic on 01604 638100 or check out the new-look website