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1st March 2018

Conferences & Events

Artisan Signs

ATTENDING business events is a perfect opportunity to promote your business, and once there you need to make sure you get noticed. So how can you make sure you stand out?

The answer lies with great graphics and innovative displays and large-format print specialist artisan signs has a range of products available to help display your marketing message in different ways.

The type and amount of space booked will determine the choices but there are lots of options available.

Small spaces may be limited to a banner stand with a table but there is a lot you can do with it - the typical width of a banner stand is 800mm or 850mm wide but they can be wider (up to two metres wide) gaining more area for your promotional messages. As long as there is power you can attach a light to the top to attract more attention to your display and you may be allowed a literature rack in the space. To make the most of the area, a printed tablecloth with customised display units on top will help to complete your eye-catching presentation.

Larger spaces may accommodate a pop-up unit which has a bigger graphic display area and can have more lights fitted to it. They are portable and the wheeled case can be used as a podium counter with printed graphics on the front.

If you've booked a shell scheme space, the staff at artisan can work with you to decide on the best options to dress the walls and furniture, from printed boards to foldable/rollable graphics and removable vinyls.

Another option is to book space only, which means you can custom build everything within the floorspace and above. From hanging structures, backlit walls of fabric, printed floor vinyls and everything in between, artisan can work with your designs and ideas to create a unique stand which creates a lasting impression and wow your visitors.

All the graphics mentioned are produced in-house and customised to your requirements at artisan's premises. They are produced on time and on budget by skilled and experienced staff and once ready your order can be delivered, installed or prepared for collection.

If you would like more information on conference and exhibition graphics call 01536 522777, visit www.artisansigns.co.uk or drop into the offices on Telford Way Industrial Estate, Kettering, just off J7 of the A14.


Pic caption: portable pop up system with fabric graphics