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1st March 2018

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MODERN technology makes communication with a widespread group easy, but if the conditions aren't right, virtual meetings can be something of a nightmare.

Meetings are regularly held these days via Skype and Google Hang Out links so that those who work in a business's offices across the county don't have to travel to get together. Communication with clients or potential clients in the UK and abroad can be successfully negotiated despite the geographical distance.

But they only work successfully if everyone is comfortable and as long as distractions are kept to a minimum.

Mark Grainger, Managing Director of Saxon Blinds in Northampton, has found an increasing demand for blinds systems that make virtual meetings and conferences a much more pleasant experience.

"Using a screen and an internet link-up to hold a meeting saves a lot of time and effort, and a lot of companies have invested in technology to make that part of their normal working day," said Mark. "Using that technology is so much easier and more comfortable for everyone if the light is right and we've completed a number of projects for companies who wanted good quality blinds to dim the light in the room so that the images on the screen are clear and easier to watch.

"It's the way forward for so many businesses now and we have a complete range of black out blinds and roller blind systems that can help them create the right virtual meeting space."

The Northampton firm have built a reputation in a number of sectors, including industrial, office, education and health care, for its innovative quality products that range from a simple set of roller blinds to state-of-the-art remote controlled systems. Although all products are manufactured in the firm's Magee Street factory, the customer base is UK-wide.

Saxon Blinds offers a five-year guarantee on all commercial blinds and also provides shutters and awnings. All Saxon Blinds staff are CRB checked and part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

For more details on the range of blinds, awnings and sunscreens available at Saxon Blinds, contact Saxon Blinds on 01604 601888, email or visit the website