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Saxon Blinds

1st March 2020

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Saxon Blinds

GETTING a marketing message across can be as subtle as a logo or as mind-blowing as a large screen showing moving images of your brand in all its glory.

And production techniques at Saxon Blinds in Northampton have kept pace with clients' needs, providing the ideal means of transforming a meeting room, dining hall or conference space into a place to get your business noticed.

With the ability to produce blinds up to six metres wide and with an eight-metre drop, Saxon Blinds can provide solutions to customers wanting everything from a traditional window or serving area blind with a company logo or slogan, through to large-scale, motorised retractable blinds that can be transformed into screens onto which many and varied types of media can be projected.

Mark Grainger, Managing Director of Saxon Blinds, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, has found an increasing demand for blinds systems that do so much more than simply shade a room from sunlight or help keep it at a comfortable temperature.

"Our clients are seeing the diverse possibilities of blinds, particularly because we are able to produce them in extra-large sizes," said Mark. "Whereas once you had a pull-down white projector screen in a meeting room or school hall, now you can have something that has a practical use, but which dominates a space, can be used for all kinds of marketing solutions, and is still easily and safely retracted when not needed.

"These days we can produce six-metre wide blinds and the possibilities of those are endless. More and more often, we are finding that we are manufacturing blinds systems to order and then delivering them to customers for installation. That might be in exhibition spaces and public buildings where they could be put to all kinds of different uses."

The Magee Street firm has built a strong reputation in a number of sectors, including industrial, office, education and health care, for its innovative quality products that range from a simple set of roller blinds to state-of-the-art remote-controlled systems. Although all products are manufactured in the Northampton factory, the customer base is UK-wide.

Saxon Blinds offers a five-year guarantee on all commercial blinds and also provides shutters and awnings. All Saxon Blinds staff are DBS checked and part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

For more details on the range of blinds, awnings and sunscreens available at Saxon Blinds, contact Saxon Blinds on 01604 601888, email or visit the website