This year's big conversation, wellbeing at work

Whittlebury Hall

1st November 2019

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Whittlebury Hall

LISA Fellows-Flynn is Head of Corporate Sales at Whittlebury Park. Her team look after Whittlebury's corporate clients, creating tailored packages for every size of event from a small team meeting or a whole day of activities for entire departments.

This year, 'wellness at work' and indeed outside of work has been a hugely influential theme that has got everyone talking, including Lisa and her team

How has the wellness movement influenced you this year?

We noticed that wellness and wellbeing was a recurring theme in the industry in terms of looking after your employees. As a result of this, we decided to run two workshops at Whittlebury for our existing and prospective clients. We held two Connect events focused around nutrition and mindset where we had experts talking to our clients about small ideas that can make a big impact such as encouraging lunch breaks, workplace activities including yoga and pilates, and daily walks, as well as techniques to overcome the negative voice. The aim of these events was not only promoting Whittlebury to our clients, but also to offer them free insight into topical subjects and generating conversations with each other.

As a team ourselves, we learned a lot from it and we have introduced walk and talk meetings which have been a really positive change in our working week. Having a break in the day to see all of the interesting events that are happening is very inspiring and I would definitely recommend this to others.


Has there been any other trends with your clients that you have seen emerging?

It is becoming apparent that our clients are very time conscious in terms of how they want their events to run. They are conscious that taking time out of the office needs to be spent well and in a meaningful way. So we are accommodating these needs by giving our clients the freedom to create their own schedule and run their event in a way that suits them. This then links back to the wellbeing theme as we will then create a bespoke package, which incorporates meetings and wellbeing. For example, a morning meeting and then an afternoon workshop in the spa or on the golf course with our in-house teams leading on these.

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Whittlebury through the lens

Whittlebury Park has invited all guests who have visited the estate since January 2019 to take part in a photography competition. Anyone can enter, whether an amateur or professional, using a phone or a digital camera; Whittlebury wants everyone to share their memorable moments.

Each month the winning entries are judged by Dan Davies from Two-D Photography and the winner will receive some great prizes including having their picture framed and displayed at Whittlebury. A further annual prize includes the chance to win a £1,000 Whittlebury Gift Card and a photo-shoot with Two-D photography.

Whether you have captured a sunrise on the golf course, a relaxing moment in the spa, pictured a superb plate of food or a joyful moment at a wedding, all pictures can be submitted by visiting