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1st August 2018

Creative Marketing

Promote-It Ltd!

WELL, it didn't quite come home - a few more years of hurt, I'm afraid - but what the World Cup dream gave us was a timely reminder of how important a slogan can be in getting a message across to a wider audience.

A lot of the people watching the matches weren't born when England last won. Frighteningly, quite a few wouldn't even have been born when Three Lions was a hit the first time - but they got the message and the slogan was everywhere you looked.

We're not suggesting that Wembley Stadium will ever ring to your company's strapline - but it proves that saying something often enough, and succinctly enough, really can pay dividends.

Put your logo or branding on something that people see or use regularly and it will have an impact - whether it's something that will jog their memory when they're looking for the service or goods you supply, or there on their desks with contact details to save them trawling through Google or their database.

Promote-it Ltd has a comprehensive range of products that can be personalised - from mouse mats, jotter pads and pens through to golf umbrellas, T-shirts and mugs. A free advice and design service means that we can find exactly the right product for you - and make sure it looks good. Turnaround times are fast, so you can always be ready for events, networking meetings or exhibitions where you need to spread the word.

Promotional items are a sound investment if used correctly - they get you noticed, keep your name in front of customers and serve a purpose in their use. They don't have to cost a fortune and we take pride in sitting down with our customers and working out what products would be best for them in terms of what they want to achieve and what budget they have at their disposal.

There are thousands of items to choose from, probably items you never dreamed could be used as promotional products. There is also a no-minimum order service (which you can operate yourself), so you can test the water and see what works best for you.

If your goal is to get your business seen and heard - Promote-it is the place to start.

The full range can be seen at the website or call Alan on 01933 624222 or email

Promote-It Ltd!