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1st August 2019

Creative Marketing

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PUTTING an advert in the local paper was, for many years, the go-to marketing method for local businesses - and as far as Business Times is concerned, that remains a highly effective way of reaching new customers.

Having produced a printed newspaper for 28 years, Business Times firmly believes in the benefits of that as a means of delivering news to readers each month.

But times have changed and digital marketing is stronger than ever and over the past few years Business Times has built upon its online presence, creating a website that provides advertisers and readers with a host of new options.

Working with SilverDisc of Kettering, one of the leading online marketing firms in the region, Business Times now provides a platform through which every client's article is published online. Once published on the website, clients can link to their article through social media to showcase their news and views to a wider audience. The articles remain archived on the website so that they are available to the client for future use, as well as for visitors searching for a particular company.

Online advertising is also available via the website, as well as company pages that give clients their own space to which they can direct their own established or prospective customers.

In addition to display advertising in the newspaper itself, Business Times also offers the option of leaflet insertion. Just over 9,300 poly-wrapped copies of Business Times are mailed out each month via Royal Mail to named individuals in companies across the region, and each one can carry inserted leaflets or flyers. This effective marketing option starts at £795 plus VAT, and fully costed quotes are available for more substantial items such as catalogues or brochures.

Business Times Publisher Julie Barnes-Ward said: "Our online presence has grown substantially in recent years and clients have very much benefited from what that offers, but we also remain passionate about the strength of traditional newspaper advertising and the options that brings with it.

"Our aim has always been to celebrate everything that is good about the Northamptonshire business community and the myriad success stories that come out of the firms and organisations within it. The more ways we have to support them and the local economy, the better for everyone."

To find out more about Business Times and how to market your business through the newspaper and its website, contact Julie Barnes-Ward on 01604 259900, email or visit the website

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