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Swam Media

1st August 2019

Creative Marketing

Swam Media

IN 2016, two entrepreneurs from Northamptonshire had a vision of creating a digital display with a difference. After three years of designing and perfecting their vision, they were finally ready to launch Swam Media. Swam Media handcrafts bespoke, sleek and unique digital signs at a cost-effective rate.

Marketing Manager Anne-Marie Norton said: "In a short space of time we already have a number of these signs located in some of the busiest pubs, restaurants and shops in Northamptonshire. Eventually these digital signs will be displayed all around the country."

This year, Swam Media proudly unveiled the Waferlight 410 - a new digital sign that is light and portable, slim and stylish, small enough to transport and big enough to display your message. A digital sign for all industries.

After visiting many exhibitions, they found many exhibitors were stuck with the standard pop-up banner simply because digital signage is too expensive, heavy and awkward to transport and manoeuvre. Until now! The Waferlight 410 weighs 17kg, so it's no heavier than a lightweight trestle table. So, whether you are exhibiting, conferencing, or a retailer the possibilities are endless.

Swam Media make their signs out of a super-lightweight material, which sets them apart from other UK signage companies. Using this alternative material means that they can sell their signs cheaper than anyone else in the market.

With a choice of colours and free-standing or wall-mounted, Swam can cater to any type of business large or small.

Sunny Singh of Northamptonshire Chambers of Commerce said: "Swam Media is possibly the only business that will benefit every one of the Chamber of Commerce members."

Swam Media have also launched Digital Ads Work, a sister company that goes hand in hand with Swam Media. Digital Ads Work creates and displays eye-catching adverts on the digital displays that Swam Media make. For just £1 per day, an advert will be delivered a minimum of 96 exposures in eight hours, which is equal to 672 per week. The advert will be delivered on the digital displays that are already located in prime locations in Northamptonshire such as The Brampton Halt and Barratts. Ideal locations where customers will have time to sit or stand and read the advert. Digital Ads Work can design a head-turning still image or animation/video for the advert, or the client can use their own advert.

Digital Ads Work allows clients to reach more customers for less. There are no hidden costs, for just £1 per day, businesses can now reach customers that were previously unreachable.

To find out more, call 01604 532144, visit www.digitaladswork.co.uk or email info@digitaladswork.co.uk