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1st August 2019

Creative Marketing

Jax Marketing

By Jackie Doyle

Jax Marketing

WHAT'S the best way to market a business? There's actually no clear answer to that - which is why the input of a marketing expert will make all the difference.

Indeed, it is sometimes an outsider's point of view that sees things clearest. Taking a step back and looking at what a business does - what the relationship is with the customer, what the different buying patterns are, previous responses to PR campaigns - these are not only the factors marketing experts are looking at, they're also looking at them in a way that is detached from the core business, something a business owner might find difficult to do.

We estimate that an expert will complete a task some four to five times quicker than someone with different strengths. So, leaving us to look after your marketing, while you get on with what you are good at, will pay dividends in terms of both time saved and results achieved.

There are so many options these days, from traditional press releases and adverts through to e-commerce websites and full digital marketing campaigns. By asking the right questions, a marketing expert will assess what is likely to work best. For this reason, Jax Marketing takes great care to get to know our clients, working in partnership with them and understanding their aims and goals so we can build a campaign that really works.

Our understanding of marketing concepts means we will ascertain what the marketing needs to achieve, including who will receive it, how they will receive it and what results clients are hoping for. Armed with that information, we can then develop a structured campaign that ensures your marketing budget is well spent.

Whether you are a new business or well-established firm, whether you're trying to reverse a downturn in business or capitalise on a boom, or if you just feel you need to refresh your marketing activity, give us a call and take advantage of an initial free meeting, guidance and expert opinion.

Jax Marketing can be contacted on 01832 776406 or email jackie@jaxmarketing.co.uk

Jax Marketing