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1st August 2017

Creative Marketing

Alan Perkins, SilverDisc

By Alan Perkins

Managing Director


Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.

These words are attributed to John Wanamaker, the first retailer to place a half-page newspaper ad, in 1874, and a full-page newspaper ad, in 1879 - long before commercial radio and television broadcasts were commonplace, let alone the invention of the World Wide Web.

Wanamaker's words held true for a long time, but no longer. The introduction of online to the advertising industry has allowed a strong financial discipline to be introduced to the creative process. The combination of technology and marketing is what makes this possible.

Online creative exists in many contexts, for example: in text, image, audio and video form; in owned, earned and paid media; on mobile, desktop and tablet platforms; for new business, repeat business and information dissemination. Online, it's possible to measure and attribute the value of every view, every click, every lead and every sale.

Wanamaker's problem is solved - it's possible to determine areas in which money is being wasted, and cut back or refine the advertising in those areas to improve things on the next iteration.

The whole process of smart people using digital technology for the continuous measurement and improvement of creative advertising, in itself, requires a lot of creativity. This creative process is one that SilverDisc has been refining for its entire 24-year history. It's a process that we use to help our clients to achieve the business they are looking for, by creatively mapping their business aims back to the channels, platforms and media to deliver at an appropriate volume and budget.

Online channels such as SEO and PPC are great for generating new business, for example, but only when there's sufficient market awareness of the service on offer. Without awareness, even with all its creativity, Apple would have struggled to use SEO to market the first iPhone. Nowadays, Apple could creatively use SEO to build interest in the yet-to-be-released iPhone 8.

Likewise, channels such as email and social media are good for doing more business with existing customers. Apple can email existing iPhone owners to let them know about the iPhone 8, without having to start from scratch.

Once you know the rules, with lots of experience and knowledge, you can creatively bend or break those rules. SilverDisc is expert at this - combining technology with a creative marketing process and creative advertising to deliver measurable results that Wanamaker would have loved.

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