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Technocopy Solutions

3rd January 2016

Print & Design

AT Technocopy Solutions, we recognise that colour is a powerful thing. That printed documents which include colour have more impact. It enhances a message, creates additional focus and can even evoke an emotional response. It’s a powerful tool. Nearly all businesses today rely on their access to at least one full colour print device. They have become vital parts of a company’s infrastructure and communication system.

From faithfully recreating the humble company logo through to an entire marketing campaign, colour printing leads the way. Once the preserve of big business, a colour print facility is now the mainstay of most companies. However, the issues of quality, cost and usage control are still key to a successful buying decision. At Technocopy Solutions, we supply and support the leading manufacturers of Canon, Olivetti and Lexmark.

Each with well established reputations for top quality and consistent colour output, we ensure that our customers are continually proud of the documents they create. Our extensive colour range also comes with various options for controlling output and therefore costs. Smart user authentication allows control of user access and rights, while providing visibility of usage through activity tracking reports. Our customers have the facility to set up print policies on each machine.

They could restrict access to specific functions or facilities in order to control costs, for example to restrict colour usage to only users that need it. Equally they could set individual usage limits to control volumes by person or department. For those needing even more control or reporting facilities, Technocopy offers complementary software to extend the machines existing features. As approved suppliers of Papercut and uniFLOW, we can integrate these into your existing IT and back-office systems, to provide advanced controls, cost recovery and usage reporting. Software can also offer increased monitoring and remote machine management. A facility, that for large organisations in particular, can provide major operational and time saving benefits. To learn more about how Technocopy can help you and your business, call 08422 480031 or visit us online at http://www.technocopysolutions.com

If you follow the links to our Print Management page, you can even watch some informative videos on this and other topics.