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MR Designs

5th January 2015

Print & Design

PACKAGING designer Mike Rogers is always coming up with creative ideas that will transform simple looking products into eye-catching buys.

He set up MR Designs Ltd in 1988 and since then he has been working with internationally recognised brands including Marks & Spencer, B&Q, Tesco, Cadbury Ltd, packaging manufacturers and graphic design studios.

The company's success has enabled a move to new premises this month - Suite 2, St Luke's Business Centre, Millway, Duston. It will be here, in the former Church of England School that Mike and his wife, Victoria, who jointly owns the company will be continuing to create packaging for anything from Easter eggs and Christmas sweets to toys and electrical items. CAD facility and a flat-bed plotter are used to create the packaging which must not only look good but be strong enough to bear the weight of the products, be easy and cost effective to produce and meet specific size requirements.

Mike said: "It really is a niche market and I am always looking for different ways of creating packaging that will still do the job but looks different."

At any one time there can be work under way for a carton design or samples and cutter guides for production which meets strict specifications from packaging manufacturers and major retail outlets.

Mike said: "I really do love the challenge of getting a fresh design brief and seeing what I might come up with. It is 37 years since I took the decision to take the plunge and go it alone and it came after a lot of soul searching.

"I decided that I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny. There have been some tough times including the latest recession when I saw orders drop and I was forced to make changes to my business but I hope we have now put those challenges behind us."

Clearly with fresh orders coming in there is still demand for the company's creativity.

Mike said: "I still take pleasure from seeing one of our packaging displays in the shops."

For further information call 01604 586196 or 07973 202773, email or see the website at