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1st February 2019

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TMF Energy

MANY business people will know the hassle of unsolicited phone calls from salespeople offering energy deals or contract reviews.

A solution can be to take control which is where fully independent energy consultant Tina Mitchell-Faulkner who runs TMF Energy can make a difference.

A free, no obligation review will ensure each client is able to secure the best energy and water rates to meet the needs of their operations and align renewal dates.

Tina, who has extensive experience in the sector, said: "So many business people do not have the time to review contracts or look at options so they may simply renew contracts or take the first offer without looking at what will work for them. If a client hasn't switched in years, then it is likely they will be paying more than they should.

"Our review can not only look at costs, but timings so review dates are brought in to line. This means when a decision is taken about suppliers it will take in to account all the energy requirements of the business."

TMF has a number of satisfied clients across different sectors including small to medium enterprises, large corporate organisations, schools, academies, public houses, manufacturers and data centres.

These clients include one local business who were able to make savings of £1600 a year on a three-year contract with their current supplier, who they had been with for years.

Tina said: "This saving was based on the supplier's best rates that the client received over the phone so you can see going direct to suppliers isn't necessarily the best option.

"Our ultimate goal is to save each client time, money and offer a fuss-free service

"TMF Energy takes pride in offering exceptional customer service - we hope people will get in touch, so they can put this promise to the test."

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