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1st February 2018

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FIRST impressions count but when budgets are stretched it is easy to let standards slip - a false economy according to the specialist team at The Cyber Sign Company.

"People are investing time and money in their businesses but can forget that a customer can be won or lost simply by how they look. First impressions really do count," said Lee Eagles, Managing Director at the Northampton-based enterprise.

Vehicle liveries and building signage are at the heart of the company's business with other services available including corporate work wear enabling the team to help clients create a whole brand.

Lee said: "We work with a wide range of clients who understandably want to make the most of their budgets. For some this could be simply refreshing a vehicle's livery or replacing a sign while others will want to review their whole brand to ensure their message is reaching the right audience."

The team in Tenter Road, on Northampton's Moulton Park Industrial Estate take pride in not only having the creativity but the technical know-how.

Lee said: "Many of our clients, including those in the leisure industry, want signs which are definitely not run of the mill. We have the technical know-how and skills to create one-off signs that will look good and tailored to fit the needs of each client's location.

"The team's skills and experience and the versatility of digital printing means customers can order a business card and see the same branding transformed into wallpaper which will transform a dull reception area. We have the technical know-how to make sure the same eye-catching designs can be used on workwear and promotional items."

The Embroidery Store within the company has a wide range of workwear from hi-vis jackets, polo shirts, hard hats and boots to specialist clothing for the hospitality and catering sector and stylish, yet practical, shirts and blouses for office-based teams.

Lee said: "We have the versatility to work with each customer to offer them the highest quality products at the best possible price. Whatever their requirements we can make sure they not only look good but feel confident they are getting good value for money."

To find out more about The Cyber Sign Company, telephone 01604 493647 or see the website at

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