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Business Finance Services

1st February 2018

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Business Finance Services

By Peter Douglas

Business Finance Services

THE events of the last weeks have come as a shock to many SMEs, particularly those 'involved' with Carillion, who either did not heed the few words of caution or who were unaware of any such warnings.

For most this will cause cash-flow problems, for the unlucky ones, or those who were unprepared, the consequences could be much worse in terms of forcing downsizing or even closure of the business.

With events moving so swiftly, the pressures on SME owners and managers will build very quickly and decisions may be made in haste (and we all know what that can lead to!). Now is the time for clear thinking and careful planning. It's also the time to seek professional advice on how best to turn a business round and get it back on its feet.

That's where Business Finance Services comes in. With our depth of knowledge and experience in business planning, finance and business development, plus our close ties with OPUS Restructuring LLP, we are ideally place to help businesses through what is going to be a difficult time.

So, give us a call, tell us about your company's problems and let us show you how we can help. Just phone us on 01327 349779 or e-mail to enquiries@bufinserv.co.uk . We look forward to hearing from you.

Business Finance Services now runs a series of Free Seminars under the Banner of Negotiating the Financial Maze. These are special events designed to help SME management and their advisors to better understand the finance that is now available to SMEs and where to find it. We also endeavour to introduce speakers who can talk on other aspects of business planning and growth management. The next event, called The Building Block for Business Success, will be held at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel, MK Stadium on Thursday 8 March. We will have four highly skilled speakers talking on subjects ranging from The British Business Bank and Angel Investment to Business planning and preparing your business for onward sale.

To register for the seminar, visit our web site www.bufinserv.co.uk

All are welcome, so we look forward to meeting you there, but if your need for help is more urgent then just call us on the number above.