When is a pothole not a pothole?

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1st February 2019

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By Ross Williams

Alpha Contracts Leasing Ltd

BY the time you open this edition of Business Times there will be less than 60 days to go to Brexit... what a magnificently well-managed process that has been.

Anyway enough of that, a couple of things have caught my eye in this last few days. I've done this job for several years, nearly 30 since you ask, and I've seen fashions come and go but I never thought that the best selling colour for new cars would be grey!

All through the 2000 years every other car we supplied seemed to be silver; more recently white became the fashionable choice, proving so popular that the manufacturers started charging more for it even though it is a solid paint finish, (don't you love them? They renamed it 'special' to justify it!)

In 2017, black was the most popular until people realised that it was such a devil to keep clean. And then we hear that 2018's best selling colour is grey. What can we read into that?

Perhaps we are just all so fed up about blooming Brexit that that is the colour of the nation's prevailing mood. (Sorry I wasn't going to mention the B Word again). What about next year? Get your money on orange, the future could be bright, fingers crossed.

Potholes were also in the news, with Coventry City Council having an SLR for repairing potholes of five working days. A report by the RAC Foundation considered the response time of 190 local councils with, as you would imagine widely differing responses, with most of them adopting a risk based response to the speed in which they respond and repair the damage. However a hole needs to be deeper than 40mm, so nearly two inches in old money, before it is defined a pothole. Some councils boast an 'immediate' response, which conjures up images of roving repair gangs carrying steaming buckets of pitch being ready to pounce upon a hole the moment it appears. Clearly impossible but Northamptonshire, despite having no money to spend, do attempt to repair dangerous potholes in two hours, and then most by 28 days. But you will need to tell them otherwise they won't know where to go... look up the Street Doctor on their website.

If you have any motoring queries then give the team at Alpha Contract a call, we may only know as much about Brexit as you do but we do know a lot about motoring stuff. This could be the ideal time to discuss with the sales team your next vehicle. Call the team on 01604 756620

Safe motoring.