Apprenticeships continue to grow

Moulton College

1st March 2018

Focus On Apprenticeships

Moulton College

IN positive contrast to many recently reported statistics from regions across the UK, Moulton College's apprenticeship take-up continues on an upward trajectory.

Northamptonshire businesses are no strangers to the benefits of hiring apprentices, with the much-quoted advantages including apprentices' general willingness to adapt to their employers' ethos and working methods, their enthusiasm, their appreciation for the valuable employment opportunity, and, consequently, great loyalty.

However, such advantages can only be realised by businesses if the apprentices are actually available - which is where Moulton College comes into its own.

The college supports Northamptonshire's employers by maintaining close working relationships with them and making sure its apprenticeship offering closely matches the skills needed in local industry.

Most recently, this has prompted Moulton's expansion into the areas of food and drink (with a new Food and Drink Innovation Centre opening on its campus this September) as well as construction management and town planning, in which Moulton offers apprenticeships up to degree level.

The college's general apprenticeship offering covers intermediate, higher and advanced (degree-level) courses in the following areas:

* Agriculture (crop production, livestock production, mixed farming, poultry production);

* Animal Care (animal welfare or grooming);

* Bricklaying;

* Property Maintenance (understanding the mechanism of buildings);

* Carpentry and Joinery (site carpentry or bench joinery);

* Advanced Construction (construction contracting operations or build environment and design);

* Higher Construction (construction management, civil engineering and building services engineering);

* Floristry;

* Food and Drink (starting in September 2018);

* Horticulture (horticulture, landscaping, production horticulture, sports-turf groundsman, sports-turf greenkeeper, parks, gardens and green spaces);

* Housing and Property Management;

* Painting and Decorating (construction, commercial or domestic);

* Plumbing and Heating (installation and maintenance of domestic hot water, cold water, sanitation, drainage, rainwater systems, central heating systems and components; at advanced level, gas training or renewable energy);

* Stonemasonry;

* Town Planning Technical Support (policy, procedures, building regulations and controls); and

* Wall and Floor Tiling (for construction sites, commercial or domestic premises).

Moulton College works closely with employers to help them navigate the apprentice recruitment and training process, understand and negotiate the recently altered government funding structures and, for businesses above a certain size, get to grips with the apprenticeship levy.

If you're a potential employer or student, find out more about apprenticeships at Moulton College by calling 01604 673575 or email

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