An ideal new home

Chelton Brown

1st April 2019

Focus On Daventry District

Chelton Brown

HAVING made a move to new town centre premises, the team at Chelton Brown in Daventry take great pride in showing people round their new home.

Whether in person at the High Street premises, or via an online tour, clients can see how the lettings and sales agency has both increased its visibility in the town and increased the space and facilities inside its offices, to the benefit of both staff and visitors.

Chelton Brown moved into Daventry 10 years ago and for the past few years has been based in Market Place. When the opportunity to move into Grade II listed premises at 59 High Street presented themselves, it was a deemed too good an opportunity to miss.

Edward Chelton Brown, who runs the Daventry office, said: "Firstly, we had outgrown our existing premises and didn't have the facilities to allow the staff and our clients the space they needed to work.

"We're often working through confidential and sensitive matters with sellers, vendors, landlords and tenants and they deserve somewhere private and comfortable to go and sit to discuss the situation."

Chelton Brown offers a complete service for those looking to sell or buy, tenants looking to rent and for landlords looking for new tenants, as well as property management and providing help and advice to landlords in identifying properties for sale to add to their portfolios.

The lettings division manages over 1,500 properties throughout the county, ranging from studio apartments to seven-bedroom listed mansions, and, in addition, has around 500 tenant-find only clients.

The new offices are not only in a more prominent position with higher footfall - allowing properties to be displayed via an LED, backlit window display to a larger potential audience - they have provided a light and spacious interior where the team can greet visitors.

Edward added: "We've brought in new office furniture, so our team have smart new workspaces, and we've also added two application areas where both tenants and landlords can enjoy privacy while they go through their requirements.

"It's also given us the opportunity to configure the office so that those team members that work closest together are near each other, improving efficiency and the balance of the office."

Pride of place in the new office, though, goes to the giant map of Daventry that was chosen to be a focal point that looks impressive but also helps tenants unfamiliar with the geography of the town understand immediately where a property is situated.

"It looks good, taking up the entire office wall," said Edward, "but also serves a very useful purpose in immediately pinpointing a property and where it is in relation to the town centre. It has already reduced the number of no-shows, where someone might express an interest in a property, but then find that it isn't in a convenient location for them, or in the area they're looking to live.

"All in all, we're very proud of our new home in Daventry. It meets our needs in terms of location and the services we can offer and it has all the elements clients need to make the most of their involvement with Chelton Brown."





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