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Moulton College

1st April 2019

Focus On Daventry District

Moulton College

THE opportunities in rugby at Moulton College have developed extensively over the years.

These changes, brought about by the college's professional staff have helped to mould the programme into a well-rounded, high quality course that's driven by the highest standards of play.

Since the arrival of Phil Powell in September 2018, there has been a positive shift in the mentality of the students. Phil's ethos revolves around player development, both physically and psychologically. His aims to raise the standard of players have inspired his pupils to work harder, and ultimately increase their calibre in such a competitive sporting world.

Phil has set up a 'nurturing programme' which encourages players to consider their strengths and address their weaknesses, and positively move forward on the pitch with this knowledge. Player Development Programmes (PDPs) are allowing staff ample opportunity to get to know their students through understanding their story. The PDPs provide a discussion point, which ensures that staff are better connected with their students on a more informal level.

The hard work of Phil and his team at Moulton College is clearly paying off, with players moving onto professional clubs including Northampton Saints U18s and Coventry U18s.

Moulton's rugby students are part of the AASE League - a programme designed to meet the needs of 16 to 18-year-olds who have the potential to become professional rugby players. As part of this League, the college has a long-standing relationship with Northampton Saints, and a number of previous students have gone on to play for the club at a professional level.

Phil said: "Moulton College has a historic reputation for developing quality rugby players, and I'm proud to be a part of continuing this legacy. The team here is growing in competitiveness, and it's fantastic to see. All I want is for the players to be the best they can be, not only for the benefit of their teammates, but in the wider world too. When a player develops as a person, their skills in the field also improve. It's all about understanding the students, and trusting them to work as hard as they can."

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