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Business Finance Services

1st April 2019

Focus On Daventry District

Business Finance Services

SO where do we go from here? Only ourselves to blame for voting in a bunch of incompetents that are leaderless, rudderless and clueless! What we need are leaders who understand commerce and the economy. What I would call a Benevolent Commocracy. Now there's a thought?

At the time of writing this, it is unclear what decisions are to be made regarding our relationship with Europe, or indeed anyone else in the world. As those of us who work in the business community know, in a litany of incompetence by our politicians, one of the most serious consequences is going to be the continued uncertainty that this imposes on SMEs.

Planning for the future has become for many almost impossible. 'Do we need to stock-pile?', 'Dare we take on the extra staff we were planning?' 'Will we need to change our export or UK pricing strategy?', and these are just a few of the questions being asked.

Whether you are in Daventry, Durham or Dagenham the questions remain the same.

What we do believe at BFS, however, is that there are going to be a large number of SMEs who are going to struggle more than they would reasonably expected to in the coming months (if not years). Many of these businesses will need help and advice on how to make loan repayments and meet general cash flow requirements. Our advice, as always, is don't struggle and try to solve all of the problems by yourself. If you need help with planning or you foresee cash flow problems, come and talk to us. If you are under pressure from HMRC we have Associates who can advise you. If you need a good lawyer or accountant we can introduce you to them.

So, just call us on 0800 093 5240 or email and we'll be happy to see how we can help.

Business Finance Services