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1st April 2018

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Solved HR

IF your business is to grow it's important to find the right people and then, when you've found them, ensure they remain happy, engaged and motivated.

At every stage, you need the correct processes and structure in place to protect yourself and your staff - and that's often when an outsourced HR firm can prove invaluable.

Simon Merriman, from Solved HR, whose company offers such services, said: "'Finding the right people and then negotiating the complexities of employment law isn't easy and smaller companies can't afford to have a full-time HR department, and that's where we come in.

"Solved HR aims to become a part of our clients' business or organisation, understanding how they operate and what they need from us to keep their business running smoothly."

Solved HR provides support throughout the recruitment process and then helps with staff development, advising on improving people performance and working with managers in managing people effectively. The firm also delivers cost-effective training in soft skills and health and safety.

Difficult situations, should they arise, need expert guidance and Solved HR is experienced in the likes of disciplinaries, grievances, long-term ill heath issues, persistent sickness absence, redundancies and dismissals.

"Dealing with difficult employees needs careful handling, but must be dealt with for the good of the company," said Simon. "We have 24 years of experience in these matters and know that putting procedures in place from the start, or getting advice early, makes all the difference. We recently saved a client in the region of £5,000 of liability costs during a TUPE transfer - a worthwhile investment in experience and expertise.

"Small businesses need to spend time working on growing their business and not having to worry about dealing with staff issues - we understand that - which is why we've deliver tailor-made solutions to meet any challenges our clients might face."

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