Shedding light on the numbers


1st April 2019

Focus On Daventry District


THERE is so much to consider when it comes to upgrading or replacing workplace lighting systems that the input of an expert is invaluable in helping to clarify the potential benefits and cost savings.

KwikLite, in Brixworth, specialises in LED lighting, offering a free assessment - providing advice at the outset that will help achieve an effective outcome - followed up by the design of the lighting system as well as installation and ongoing maintenance.

Eli Ward, the company's Energy Lighting and Business Manager has 25 LIGHTING years of experience in helping clients understand what would work best for them. After his initial assessment, he will provide a calculation of costs, including how long it will take to pay back the cost of the improvement work based on energy savings, as well as guidance on the type of lighting that is required to meet the needs of the business.

His expertise has led to successful installations for firms of all sizes, from small factory and machine shop premises to major projects for the likes of Electrolux and 3M.

In the case of Electrolux, for instance, Eli's assessment, based on replacing the existing installation with an LED solution, showed projected energy savings of 87 per cent, reducing energy usage from 109,995 kWh a year to 14,608 kWh, giving an annual CO2 saving of 54.4 tonnes. Annual running costs reduced from £14,299 to £1,961, an 86 per cent saving resulting in a projected return on investment within 1.25 years. KwikLite also raised their lighting levels to comply with CIBSE lighting guidelines.

"I think once a customer takes a look at the figures we can provide for how much more effective their lighting can be, and the savings that can be made, they will see that it makes sense to go ahead and make changes. It's certainly raised some unsuspecting eyebrows when delivering the project details.

"Products are developing all the time and LED lights that were once very expensive are now incredibly cost effective, reducing pay-back times considerably. We offer a mathematical and engineered solution to optimise the design based on the requirements of the business.

"Each enquiry is treated individually and we have worked with many blue chip companies, including the likes of Electrolux, 3M and McCains and also with smaller local firms, and whatever their size, we are confident we can go in and find a solution that works with their requirements and budget."

To find out more, contact KwikLite on 01604 901008 or 07415 324053, email or visit the website