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Nobby's Brewery

1st August 2018

Focus on East Northants

Nobby's Brewery

THRIVING Nobby's Brewery, which already has an impressive reputation, is now proving invaluable to smaller brewers looking to bottle their beers.

Investment at the Thrapston-based brewery means the team can offer a contract bottling service alongside its other operations. The brewery is already a familiar name with lovers of real ale with its brews available at a wide range of outlets from shops, pubs, restaurants and garden centres to beer festivals and followers who buy direct.

The move to Thrapston in 2014 has given the brewery's experienced team yet more opportunities to expand not only its contract bottling service. In 2015, alongside the 12-barrel brewery there was further investment including a bottling plant, more fermentation tanks, a laboratory and packing area. This has given the team the chance to brew up to four times a week, store beer for kegging and bottling and control quality and production of their own bottled beers.

These include ales available in casks, kegs and bottles with tempting names like Claridges Crystal, which is a crisp pale ale, the thirst-quenching 'thrice hopped' Swift Nick and T'owd Navigation, a strong dark ale to revive memories of years gone by.

Nobby's Brewery's story began in the back cellar of the Alexandra Arms in Kettering in 2004. The pub landlord 'Nip' Thornley, a friend of Paul 'Nobby' Mulliner, actively encouraged production of great-tasting real ales so the team were able to install a 2.5-barrel brewery.

Word spread and three years later and even after doubling the size of the brewery there was a struggle to meet growing demand. The move was made to historic barns at The Ward Arms in Guilsborough and a 12-barrel brewery designed by Nobby was installed.

Brewery team member, Kate Mulliner, said: "It was exciting times. The expansion of the supply area to a 50-mile radius began to put Guilsborough on the map and we have been able to gain a reputation for excellence across the Midlands.

"Our move to Thrapston has given us yet more opportunities and we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve and what we can offer."

Nobby's Brewery is at 2 Cottingham Way, Thrapston, NN14 4PL, call 01832 730800.

Open weekdays 8.30am to 5pm, closed weekends.

Nobby's Brewery