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22nd August 2014

Focus On Kettering

YOUR website looks good, is fast and responsive, and includes all the information you want visitors to see - but how well is it really working? It's easy to think that with all those criteria in place, then it's working well. But a Kettering search engine specialist has developed software that conducts a 'crawl' through a website to flag up areas where security may not be tight enough, where response times are slower than they might be, and where pages are not optimised for search engines, particularly Google. Founded by Alan Perkins in 1993, SilverDisc on Kettering Parkway has been involved in designing and developing websites from the early days of the internet. With a background in electronics and real time programming, Alan has been a key figure in the development of the search marketing industry, a contributor to Google's webmaster guidelines and the holder of two search engine patents. Today, the full service digital marketing agency offers pay-per-click, SEO, website design and conversion rate optimisation - to businesses large and small, globally and locally - using the in-depth knowledge inherent in the business to ensure clients get the performance from their website they require, and ensure it is found in online searches and across the web. SilverDisc's software also detects shortcomings in site security that could leave a website open to data theft or hacking. Neil Campbell, SilverDisc's Sales & Marketing Director, said: "The program we have developed will analyse any website and show areas where there is a lack of search engine optimisation or consideration of what search engines and searchers are looking for - that's the level of analysis we can do and we can show companies where their websites are letting them down." "Just recently there was a story in the news about a Russian gang that had hacked more than one billion usernames and passwords. If a website has customer data on it, and it's not properly protected, then the company is not only leaving itself open to risk, it is putting its customers' information at risk of hacking as well." "SilverDisc has a long history of not just designing websites and online marketing systems, but of a deep understanding of how websites work and how to make them work in line with what Google and people want and expect. Alan has a reputation as one of the leading players in search engine work, and people tell us that SilverDisc is one of the business world's best kept secrets, because how many people know that this business, which is so well respected by the likes of Google and the global community, is here in Kettering serving the local business community too?" To find out more, contact Neil at SilverDisc on 01536 316100 or visit