Going global via online marketing


1st September 2019

Focus On Kettering


By Sam Rose


AS a digital marketing agency based in Kettering, the team at SilverDisc benefits from being surrounded by beautiful countryside while enjoying the convenience of good travel links to London and other major cities. Kettering is also home to many thriving businesses - as are the surrounding towns.

According to the Northamptonshire Growth Report 2019, the county is on course for growth with the top five companies achieving growth rates of over 40 per cent in the last three years. That's why, as well as working with businesses all over the country and even overseas, a lot of SilverDisc's clients are closer to home.

There are many benefits to working with local businesses, not least the positive effect that supporting each other can have on our community. It's also easy to meet up on a regular basis, and we have an innate understanding of the local issues that may affect our nearby clients, such as geographic, social and economic factors and competitors. And when you're working with an experienced digital marketing firm, this local knowledge is combined with an ability to think big.

We take pride in our town, but we also recognise that for many businesses, their operations don't need to be restricted to their own locality. For those who want to put themselves on the map and expand their reach, digital marketing offers many opportunities to target a wider audience, increase brand visibility, grow their business and ultimately become more profitable. Whatever your business goals are, increasing your online marketing efforts could be a way to get you there. You simply need the right tools and a little help with moving in the right direction.

Even if you don't want to reach beyond the county boundary - or your product or service is only available to local customers - a robust digital strategy can help you to find more potential new customers nearby and also increase repeat business. There are many methods at your disposal, such as engaging with the local community on social media; search engine optimisation for local searches; optimising your site for mobile searches and local search phrases such as 'near me' or 'open now', and more.

SilverDisc is based in Kettering but we're also internet natives, and we can guide you through the world of digital marketing like true locals. We'll be your sat nav, your driver, your tour guide. Contact SilverDisc on 01536 316100 or email hello@silverdisc.co.uk