Services fine tuned for customers' benefit


1st September 2017

Focus On Logistics


EXPERTISE, cost, resources and space are key reasons for businesses putting their trust in Walkerpack, which has more than 50 years experience in the competitive supply chain sector.
This experience has enabled the Brackmills-based business to fine tune its services to enable each client to reap the benefits.
Ongoing investment in its workforce and technology means privately-owned Walkerpack can offer key services to add value to the supply chain. These include contract packing, warehouse, logistics and e-commerce fulfilment.
Walkerpack's Sales Manager Steve Tiley said: "For many customers the biggest challenge can be to find a business which has the expertise and reliability to handle the most complex supply chain activities."
"Our 'can-do' attitude means we can offer a one-stop shop for business looking for solutions so they can have the confidence to concentrate on their core business."
There are real benefits for businesses who decide to outsource contract packing to a specialist firm like Walkerpack which takes pride in employing mostly permanent staff who are trained to carry out these tasks.
For some this could mean bringing together products from different sites to a central location where Walkerpack's specialist team can focus on ensuring orders are ready for efficient distribution.
Others might require reworking a product to make it ready for sale, fulfilment of point of sale displays for retail projects or packing which requires special machinery or labour intensive work.
The growth in international supply chains combined with rising costs means companies often see a benefit in shipping in bulk then packing locally to make a product saleable or secure for onward transportation.
"Walkerpack prides itself on having the competence and flexibility to meet the changing needs of its customers. This 'best in class' customer service is key to our ongoing success and is why people want to work with us."
To talk in confidence about your company's needs call Steve Tiley on 01604 760529 or email sales@walkerpack.co.uk or see the website at www.walkerpack.co.uk