Celebrating a special anniversary

Hilton Northampton

1st June 2019

Focus On Northampton

Hilton Northampton

HILTON Northampton has joined Hilton's 100th anniversary celebrations, with different activities at the hotel and in the local community.

Hilton Northampton's big celebration took place on 10 April, this being the 100th day of the year. As the hotel is very dedicated to supporting the community and environment, the day started with 100 hotel Team Members planting 100 flowers on Collingtree Village Road.

Following a morning of planting and litter picking, some of the Team Members and the General Manager, Ahmet Donmez, visited the Hope Centre and Save the Children Charity - donating 100 items to children and people in need in Northampton.

Ahmet Donmez said: "Supporting our community is very important to us, hence we couldn't celebrate 100 years of hospitality without helping those in need in Northampton. I am very proud of all my team who donated and helped make a difference in their lives."

Moreover, Ahmet added: "As part of this initiative, I have decided to donate the suit I wore at my Hilton job interview, which secured me my first position as General Manager. I hope this suit will help someone to face their interview with confidence and make a great first impression, leading to a new life and a great career journey."

Hilton Northampton's Team Members are the heart of the hotel and a key part of their success, so Neil Shears, Regional Director of Brand Performance

Support at Hilton, joined the hotel in a 100-minute training session about the brand enterprise, and the fundamental steps to performing the best they can.

Finally, the day ended with a scrumptious Afternoon Tea and, of course, delicious birthday cake made by the hotel's very own Chef John Mamblecar, which the team enjoyed together with Julie Baker, Vice President of UK & Ireland Region for Hilton.

Ending the day on a high note, Ahmet Donmez thanked everyone for being part of this special day and wish them continual success in their Hilton journey.

Hilton Northampton is located at 100 Watering Lane, Collingtree, Northampton, NN4 0XW, United Kingdom. Visit www.hilton.com/Northampton or call 01604 700666.