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1st June 2018

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HELEN Beaumont from Essendon Tax Consultancy shared her expertise with local landlords and property developers at this month's Northamptonshire Property Social on Monday 21 May.

Helen said: "I help my clients solve their tax problems, whatever they may be. I advise them based on their individual circumstances; there isn't a single solution that will suit everyone when it comes to tax."

As a highly experienced and qualified Chartered Tax Advisor, she gave her views on the tax implications of buying properties as a limited company or transferring existing properties to a limited company.

"For property investors and landlords, there can be quite a few benefits of working through a limited company, which is a separate legal body." added Helen. "These benefits can include having legal separation between shareholders, running separate accounts and being able to retain profits within the company."

Tax changes that took effect in April 2017 mean that there could be a strong tax case for buying property through a company, if the plan is to borrow to invest. Companies also pay a lower tax rate than individuals, so this could be another advantage of using a company.

If the business plan is long-term, then profits after tax can be retained in the company to pay the owners an income on retirement, helping to minimise their annual tax liability.

A company can also provide flexibility if passing on assets to future generations is an important consideration. Shares in the company can be gifted, rather than part of the value of a property.

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