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1st June 2018

Focus On Northampton

DBfB Communications

TO be successful in business you have to offer something unique.

dbfb have become a trusted local provider over their 20 years in business, offering exceptional local service, provided by local people, without the jargon and with more clarity. This has seen the company become the go-to provider for business communications across the region.

dbfb specialise in delivering connectivity, cloud, IT and mobile solutions for business. Their unique wholesale model and managed service capabilities means they are able to sit with their customers and design solutions that truly work.

Whilst dbfb's services have expanded extensively to suit an evolving technology marketplace, the business originally began as a mobile-only provider in 1998 in Chairman and founder Brian Kingston's bedroom.

Despite operating in an increasingly saturated industry, the business has become the trusted provider for more than 1,000 customers - through a dedicated presence in the local community and delivering on traditional, old school service values.

Networking and referrals have remained at the core of dbfb throughout its growth. Brian Kingston said: "It has always been important for us to be known and trusted in our local community. From our roots and throughout our growth we pride ourselves on being different from large corporates, as we actually care! You will always be serviced by local people, who take delight and satisfaction from looking after our customers to the highest standard.

"Being a local business I believe it's not who you know, it's in fact who knows you! Referrals have been a massive factor of our growth and networking throughout our local community for 20 years has most definitely strengthened our position. We have been Alliance Members of the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce since 2007 and take great honor in this."

Sadly in 2016 Bill Oliver, Co-Founder and Finance Director, passed away in Cynthia Spencer Hospice. Bill's memory is still ingrained into dbfb.

Brian Kingston said: "Bill was not only my business partner but a lifelong friend, too. We met at four years old and lived 15 doors away from each other. He was always my sensible counterpart and his memory will live on forever within the business."

Cynthia Spencer Hospice is now dbfb's chosen charity, with which they work very closely with in Bill's memory.


2016 saw the arrival of Managing Director, Simon Pickering. Simon worked closely with Brian to build on the solid foundations that already existed. Along with this collaboration came a new wave of dbfb. Within those two years the staff count has doubled and so has the product set.

The catalyst of this growth was the Launch of Full-Fibre in Northampton and Milton Keynes. dbfb were the official launch partners of CityFibre in these locations. For any local business familiar with dbfb, you will have no doubt heard or seen the business discussing ultrafast connectivity in recent years.

Simon Pickering said: "The exciting thing for me about dbfb is the opportunity we have to help the local business community grow their own businesses by making full use of the services that are now available. We've helped Northampton and Milton Keynes to become some of the first gigabit cities in the UK and local businesses are already reaping the benefits."


All of dbfb's solutions are also 24/7 proactively monitored from their Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Northampton giving peace of mind to move infrastructure to the cloud, knowing it is in local hands.


Although the team at dbfb has grown dramatically in recent years, this year the business also celebrates three staff members who have reached milestones of over 10 years with the firm.

Karen Matthews, Solutions Delivery Manager, reached her 15 year milestone this year.

Karen said: "When I first started with dbfb it was just Brian and Bill. Then, two became three! Now, even with the amazing growth over the past few years, we remain one big family. We all get on so well, and have the same ethos. Work hard... Play hard! Our staff are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and I look forward to celebrating our 20 year anniversary and plenty more to come."

Tamy Gold, Finance Supervisor, reaches her thirteenth year and Colin Beckley, Service Director, reaches his eleventh.

Brian Kingston said: "I am so proud that we have such long standing staff members here at dbfb. Our staff turnover is very low. I hope the business continues to consist of talented staff, while remaining an enjoyable and rewarding company to be a part of, for many years to come!"


Whether it is needing to understand something a little more, getting your head around services that fit your business or understanding and shaping your technology roadmap - dbfb can offer friendly advice and guidance. Call one of the team today on 01604 673320 or visit