What a year it's been...

Haines Watts

1st June 2018

Focus On Northampton

Haines Watts

By Chris Timms

Regional Manging Director

Haines Watts

FOR the benefit of all of us here at Haines Watts, we've been investing in the future. In fact, it was only recently that we realised we were in our tenth year locally, with the current crop of people.

We've been making sure that not only do we have a sustainable business to support and reward our team into the future but, importantly, one which is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients. In what's been another year of legislative change, political uncertainty and technological progression, (both exciting and concerning for all those impacted), our business-owner clients continue to thrive and show the economy they're at the heart of everything.

Behind our clients are great teams who believe we're a further extension of their own team; in addition to the day-to-day services we provide, interaction with our clients can take many forms; boardroom dynamics, late night crisis calls, a wider range than ever of outsourced support, once in a lifetime decision making guidance and a dinner or a coffee when they 'just need to talk'.

Naturally, we've ensured we're looking ahead on behalf of our clients, putting us in a position whereby we're well placed to meet the challenges they have in running their own businesses and in doing so, providing the right speed and certainty in their decision making.

We now have our largest regional team ever, with some 120 people across Northamptonshire and our adjacent support offices in Bedfordshire. All have, and play, a significant role in the business. As the marketplace evolves, we continue to raise the bar on training, challenge and encourage team dynamics and ways of working, recruit more 'true specialists' and give everyone the chance to develop their career with us. Where we have a gap, we pay special attention to finding those who'll contribute to our people focused culture and then place that talent in the gaps to help both us and our clients to thrive.

Furthermore, we're fortunate to have a very experienced board in the business and we've devoted, and in some cases, redirected a significant amount of senior leadership skills into the region. Why? Because we feel the Northamptonshire market is in the heart of owner managed business territory, the calibre of people has never been more exciting and with excellent results in organic growth and success in people development, we have the start of an exciting formula.

Sometimes strategy can override the core essence of it 'just feeling right' and at the moment it feels very right! And so, it's with thanks to all the team, our clients and friends of the business that we've had a fantastic 12 months and are set to continue this growth throughout the 2018/19 financial year.

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Haines Watts