Strategic moves to widen services

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1st July 2019

Focus On South Northants

FG Solicitors

FOUNDED in Northampton 12 years ago, and with a new office in London - opened in response to client demand - employment, commercial and data protection law specialists FG Solicitors is building on its position as a firm with an international client base. Strategic moves to widen its offering to clients have allowed the practice to position itself as one of the leading providers of specialist services to companies of all sizes.

FG solicitors at its inception was 100 per cent focused on the provision of employment law and HR support to business. Floyd Graham, the firm's managing principal, said: "It is not unusual for employers to call in legal support at the point when they perceive a risk from a disgruntled employee or worst, when there is actual litigation brought by an employee. Over the last 12 years we have worked tirelessly to persuade employers that proactive employment law and HR support should be central to any business that employs people. In adopting this approach the workforce becomes central to the strategy to deliver business goals rather than a problem that continually has to be managed".

Most employers addressing such a need would consider full-time legal support to be prohibitively expensive. In order to address this challenge FG Solicitors have created a range of support packages that enable its clients to proactively manage legal spend whilst at the same time enjoying the benefits of continual support.

As part of its strategy to provide effective all-round support to business FG Solicitors has joined forces with Lanes Employment Solutions, led by Dawn Simpson-Lane, an experienced HR expert to offer a collaborative service for businesses.

Lanes Employment Solutions will act as FG Solicitors' preferred supplier of HR services, giving clients one point of contact for all their HR support requirements, from start-up onwards.

Dawn, a former HR director with a large, multi-national company, founded her own practice to offer the benefits of her years of experience to businesses large and small.

There is a distinct difference between the skill sets that HR practitioners deliver to business and that of employment lawyers. In short, legal strategy underpins the actions of HR practitioners in ensuring that employers are compliant but at the same time able to achieve their business goals. By combining these different skills into one offering, FG Solicitors and Lanes Employment Solutions will provide added value support to clients in a structured and managed way.

Lane will work with clients where there is a need to give them access to an enormous range of expertise and in-depth HR services to back up the legal processes.


Largely as a result of its success as an award winning employment law practice FG Solicitors has now by client demand expanded its practice areas to Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law.

Riaz Bowmer has recently joined FG Solicitors, building on the firm' increasing workload in the areas of intellectual property (IP) and information technology (IT).

Modern working practices depend on IT systems that make communication, processes and information storage simpler and more effective, but they also bring with them additional and often complicated issues.

FG Solicitors has long recognised the need for expertise in this area, taking the lead on GDPR, for instance, offering advice and assisting its clients to achieve compliance long before the implementation date of 25 May 2018.

The appointment of Riaz will ensure that FG Solicitors' clients have access to any guidance they need on all aspects of communications, data protection and data sharing and intellectual property issues.

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