Where will your why take you?

Bailey's Travel

1st May 2018

Focus On Wellingborough Industry

AFTER nearly 30 years in our Pebble Lane premises, we thought we'd take the opportunity to refurbish, bringing Bailey's Travel bang up to date and creating an environment better suited to the needs of our customers in the 21st Century

The world of travel has changed out of all recognition since April 1989, when we first opened the doors in Wellingborough. In the intervening years, we have faced many challenges, the biggest of which was the advent of the internet. The internet changed everything for us virtually overnight, and the death of the High Street travel agent was predicted from that point on. I am happy to report that news of our imminent demise was, and still is, untrue.

The internet today is our friend rather than a threat. What it has done, is take away all the low-budget stuff. In truth, if the cheapest solution is what you want, it'll be somewhere on the internet. This has allowed us to move into areas where our contribution to the process goes way beyond the booking function.

Nowadays, we are focused on customer needs and expectations, where price is just one aspect. Our motto, and the strap line for Bailey's Travel is 'Everything starts with a conversation'. Nowadays, we sit and chat, over a cup of coffee (or tea), working with the client to create holiday and travel choices that start with the 'why'.

The 'why' is key. Once you know why you're looking for a holiday, whether it be a big birthday, an anniversary, special occasion, bucket list or just the need to get away, everything else follows on from there, resulting in the best use of your time and budget. After all, the only thing in life you can't get a refund for, is time. Once it's gone, it's gone, so don't waste it on the wrong holiday.

So, come and see us when you're next looking to travel. The new office is configured to enhance that one-to-one experience, and there's no pressure. Just the widest possible choice of tour operators with the greatest range of holidays available anywhere in Northamptonshire, and expertise that's unrivalled in the local area.

Where will your 'why' take you next...