Everyone deserves good coffee


1st December 2018

Focus On Wellingborough


PASSIONATE about good coffee, Bella Barista in Wellingborough is determined to make sure top-quality drinks are available to anyone that wants them - and not just in high-end coffee shops.

The company provides its own range of quality roasted coffees, as well as machines from leading manufacturers, for sale or lease not only to bars, restaurants and coffee shops across the region but also to businesses where a standard hot drinks vending machine just doesn't hit the mark.

And now, Bella Barista has launched its own training academy to make sure that the process doesn't fall at the final hurdle.

Marcel Binley from Bella Barista explained: "Our mission is to improve the quality of coffee for everyone and that doesn't just mean in coffee shops and restaurants.

"There are some excellent coffee machines available now that deliver great results and are easy to use and they can be installed in workplaces and offices just as much as in retail outlets.

"But as the Italians say, there are three parts to making good coffee. There's the quality of the coffee itself, then there's the machine you use and then, finally, there's the person operating that machine. You can get machines where everything happens at the touch of a button, but a well-trained operator, who really has a feel for the coffee, makes all the difference."

Bella Barista's exclusive package for business customers provides everything required to serve barista-quality coffee for everyone for less than £3 per day.

In addition, companies can take advantage of the Bella Barista academy and have staff trained properly in how to produce the perfect drink.

"No one needs to be drinking poor quality coffee," added Marcel. "We can offer a cost-effective solution that we know customers will be impressed by."

Find out more about Bella Barista by calling 01933 273275 or visit the website www.bellabarista.co.uk