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The Mallows Company

1st December 2018

Focus On Wellingborough

WANT to increase productivity and reduce staff turnover? Improve job satisfaction, morale and motivation of your employees? The Mallows Company can help you!

For over 30 years, The Mallows Company have helped companies and organisations in and around Wellingborough to get the very best from their people.

The Mallows Company's wide range of 'off the shelf' training solutions is designed to meet the needs of everyday business, but it is their capacity to design or tailor a bespoke course to exactly fit their client's specification on which they have built their enviable reputation for all levels of business: be that sole traders, start-ups, operational front line up to executive level.

The Mallows Company's speciality is building long-term relationships with their clients and getting to know their business, meaning that they can work with them to get the most from their business, now and moving forward to the future.

The team also offer one-to-one coaching and mentoring to hone the skills and requirements of personal development within your business. Their select pool of coaches and mentors are experienced and highly trained to ensure that your people can relate to them and get maximum benefit from the process. Key individuals can be coached simultaneously, so results happen faster!

The Mallows Company pride themselves not only on the flexibility and versatility of their services - from training to career guidance, personal development to event management - but also on the consistently high standard with which those services are delivered. Their goal is simple; to help you and your business fulfil your full potential.

Rachel Mallows and her team know that the key to successful training is to unlock the learner's potential and the commitment to that guiding principle underwrites their comprehensive approach to training and mentoring. Without exception all their trainers, coaches and mentors are professional, qualified and experienced people, passionate about their subject and dedicated to meeting the development needs of your business, whatever they may be.

A client testimonial from a Leadership and Development delegate included the following comments:

"We had a long-standing relationship with The Mallows Company albeit on an ad-hoc basis, so when we decided as a senior leadership team to enlist some help with defining our strategy, aligning our thinking and helping us improve our effectiveness as individuals, Rachel and her team were first on our list.

"They took time to thoroughly understand our needs and drew up a leadership programme consisting of interactive group workshop sessions, follow ups, and one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions initially over a three-month period. As we have progressed along our learning journey, they have recognised other areas we needed to focus on and have adapted their support accordingly.

"We now have a strategy and business plan and we are all focussed on aligning our departmental objectives with company objectives. We know we still have a way to go to become the best leaders we can, but Mallows have given us all the tools to improve our effectiveness and work as leaders rather than just managers.

"We continue our mentoring sessions as our learning never stops and have plans to carry out more training throughout the business to help us to grow.

"I would recommend engaging the Mallows team as they are committed to your success and we certainly wouldn't be in the position we are in without their support."

For information about the training courses and leadership programme, contact Kathryn on 01933 664437 or email

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