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1st December 2019

Focus On Wellingborough

The Mallows Company

By Rachel Mallows

The Mallows Company

IT would be fair to say that we are all a 'work in progress' when it comes to our leadership skills. None of us are perfect.

Throughout our careers (and lives) we are always learning and as business leaders we continue to receive inspiration and insight from a range of things such as management books, TED talks and from observing each other and role models. In our world of fast access to different research tools it's easy to discover new thoughts and theories.

However, have you thought about using Executive Coaching and/or Executive Training to appraise your leadership skills and those of your senior leadership team? Through our team of highly qualified and experienced coaches and mentors, The Mallows Company offer a confidential service that can be uniquely tailored to your company's key issues to achieve defined deliverables and measurable outcomes.

We do this by:

* Focusing on real business challenges such that positive outcomes have a direct impact on your business success

* Developing leadership behaviours to encourage improved team performance

* Stimulating innovation and creativity to prompt solutions-focused approaches and lateral thinking

* Ensuring personal ownership of the solutions and a willingness to implement them

Recent clients have stated that by utilising our services, they have found increased confidence within their teams that was previously blocked. They have discovered further success in their corporate and business life in ways that only coaching unravelled. Coaching also provided the opportunity to bounce ideas, talk confidentially, share thoughts, formulate plans and destress in a safe environment. It is perfect for developing resilience, setting succession planning in place and building your business profile.

If you'd like to discuss the benefits Executive Coaching would have for you and your business, contact Kathryn on or call 01933 664437.

The Mallows Company