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Acquaint Consolidated Services

1st December 2018

Focus On Wellingborough

Acquaint Consolidated Services

CLEANING is one of life's must-have services and for many businesses the professional cleaning company of choice must be ACS.

The Wellingborough-based company works across a wide range of sectors from factories and warehouses, to schools and care homes, putting its 26 years of expertise to maximum effect.

Brenton Bray, who heads up the company that celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, believes the team's commitment to meeting the needs of each client has played a large part in their ongoing success.

"We don't believe in cutting corners," he said. "Since setting up in 1992, we have been dedicated to delivering a specialist range of cleaning services to meet the expectations of our clients. Our expertise in commercial cleaning solutions, coupled with a passion for customer satisfaction, ensures that whatever their need they can entrust their cleaning requirements to us."

ACS employ fully qualified staff who are licensed to operate access equipment and undertake tasks, whatever the challenge.

Alongside more routine contract cleaning, the team can respond to emergencies including fire, flood and disaster restoration. They are also able to undertake more hazardous operations such as explosive dust or other contaminants.

Brenton said: "Our 'can-do' attitude and competitive pricing means we have many satisfied clients, who rely on us to undertake their specialist cleans leaving them to get on with the running of their own businesses.

"It makes sense. Staff want to work in clean environments and businesses who fail to keep their workspace in good condition risk lowering morale. Other clients need to meet high standards because they might be dealing with vulnerable people or involved in food handling, where the risk of contamination can make or break a reputation."

ACS, based at Enterprise Court in Wellingborough, is only a small organisation. They specialise in high level cleaning of factories - inside and out, carpet cleaning, floor restoration, kitchens, ducting (grease and dust) and are qualified to issue TR19 Certificates. They have recently achieved Certifications in ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO9001.

To speak to ACS, call 01933 652053 or for more information visit the website at