Expertise in the food sector

Howes Percival

1st May 2018

Food & Drink

Howes Percival

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE is rightly renowned for the quality and breadth of its food and drink industry. Advice to producers, manufacturers and distributors of food and drink products has always featured in the advice we provide to our clients, throughout our history of nearly 230 years of business in the county.

In recent years some of the work we have done in this sector includes:

* Acting for the owners of food companies who are selling to large multinationals (for example the sale of Saxby's to US giant General Mills);

* Acting on obtaining and enforcing Protective Food Name status (for example Melton Mowbray Park Pies);

* Acting for clients acquiring businesses in the food sector (for example all the acquisitions undertaken by Randall Parker Food Group);

* Advising on distribution contracts with large retailers (for example the big supermarkets).

As ever, a thorough understanding of the key elements of a sector are vital to a successful outcome for any transaction. Howes Percival brings a range of skills and expertise from our specialist lawyers and we have for a while brought these lawyers together in a focused group who understand the food and drink sector.

The ramifications of Brexit on a sector that is vital to the health of both the national and our own local economy will be far reaching and challenging. Getting the right advice at the right time will be crucial to emerge from Brexit equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a success of a new world order.

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