A hat-trick of awards

Wilson Browne

1st September 2019

Legal Briefing

Wilson Browne

IN recent years Wilson Browne Solicitors has picked-up an impressive trophy cabinet of awards: Northamptonshire Law Society (Large) Law Firm Of The Year, 2015, 2017/18, 2019; Solicitor Of The Year 2016; Junior Solicitor Of The Year; The Law Society Of England & Wales Excellence Awards in different categories in 2017 and 2018; and now, for the third year in a row, an award for Marketing & Communications (and a national Design Business Award).

At first glance, 'the whole marketing thing' may not seem like an obvious subject for a law firm to boast about but stop and think about it, and the relevance runs deep.

Marketing and communications are central to how a business communicates with clients. It shapes the 'tone of voice' - in this case 'professional but down to earth and friendly'. It helps clients to understand complex, intangible offerings - legal services are not something you can put in a box, wrap neatly and give a catchy name. The old image of a solicitor in an oak-panelled room, whose word was final, is long gone. Today's lawyer is an entrepreneur, a people-manager, someone who has to relate and appeal to a diverse range of clients.

Then, there's how to get the messages to clients and potential clients with so many offerings, via internet, social media, press, PR, CSR, sponsorship in all shapes and sizes.

For three years in a row, the Marketing Team has been shortlisted for Excellence in Marketing & Communications by the Law Society. With nearly 11,000 legal practices in England & Wales and 140,000 solicitors, this is some achievement as these awards are fiercely competitive: from what we know, no other law firm in the country has achieved this.

Wayne Jenkins, Marketing & Business Development Director said: "Such achievements are something we are all proud of. We can only do this by having the support of the partners; support from the business as a whole; through having a good team and by the continued support of our Marketing Partner, Kevin Rogers."

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Wilson Browne