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Cheaney Shoes

1st April 2019

Manufacturing & Export

Cheaney Shoes

STILL created to the same high standard as they have been for over a century, Cheaney Shoes may be handcrafted in Northamptonshire but find their way to customers around the world.

While Britain remains the largest market for the range of high-quality footwear, produced by skills craftspeople in the firm's Desborough factory, shoes are regularly exported to Japan (the firm's second biggest market), the USA, Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Three years after it celebrated its 130th anniversary, the family-run firm are justly proud of the continuation of traditional local skills and the global reputation of the firm.

Owners and fifth generation shoemakers Jonathan and William Church believe that the ability to adapt and change while maintaining a focus on quality is behind the Cheaney success story.

Jonathan said: "We are proud that the entire manufacturing process, from the cutting of the leather through to the final polish of the completed shoe, takes place in our Desborough factory. There are over 120 skilled people employed, handcrafting shoes to the highest standards.

"We see manufacturing everything under one roof as a major advantage for us. Not only are we able to ensure that every pair of shoes is made to the highest standards, but it also gives us the agility to react quickly."

Cheaney Shoes was presented with a Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2016, demonstrating how quality products made in England are recognised the world over.

Closer to home, the company now has seven stores in London as well as ones in Cambridge and Leeds, and its world famous factory shop opposite the manufacturing base in Rushton Road, Desborough.

New arrivals in the Spring/Summer range for men include a T-bar sandal and a loafer collection, as well as boots and long wing brogues in suede. For women, the new collection includes hiker boots and Derby shoes in metallic floral suede.

Find out more about Cheaney Shoes at or visit one of the stores.

Cheaney Shoes