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1st April 2019

Manufacturing & Export

Strategy Advantage

STRATEGY Advantage Ltd is a new consulting business, focused on strategic management, business planning and market research services. Set up by Nick Lowe, former UK Managing Director of logistics service provider, Dachser, Strategy Advantage is located at Caswell Science & Technology Park near Towcester.

"For many people, strategic management and business planning are a fundamental part of entrepreneurship, but many fast-growing companies can often lack the time and resources to step back from the day-to-day and take an objective viewpoint on their corporate goals and objectives," explained Nick. "In such circumstances, Strategy Advantage is able to add considerable value in consulting with and supporting management teams in the review and analysis of their business objectives, and in the creation and implementation of highly relevant and user-friendly strategic management and planning tools which can be very effectively deployed within the business."

During his 35-year career in freight and logistics management, Nick has become familiar with many client companies across a broad spectrum of different industries, and he's convinced that there is a huge potential for sustainable improvements in performance and results through a positive and efficient approach to business strategy.

"I have had direct experience of how structured and well-balanced strategic plans, with the right sets of realistic targets and objectives attached to them, can really make a big difference," he said. "And in addition, by involving people in the consultation and planning process from across the business and from different hierarchical levels, it's possible to install a highly-motivating culture of inclusion and shared responsibility within the organisation, which creates even greater advantages."

Business-to-business market research, supported by carefully-targeted surveys where appropriate, can form another very important component of strategic planning, especially when engaging with customers and potential customers. Strategy Advantage offers market research services, including the design, management and administration of a range of different types of online surveys, which can either be on a stand-alone basis or as part of a wider strategic management consultancy assignment.

For more information, contact Strategy Advantage on 01327 317635 or 07764 241747, email enquiries@strategy-advantage.co.uk or visit www.strategy-advantage.co.uk

Strategy Advantage