True inventors at heart

Metal Craft

1st April 2019

Manufacturing & Export

Metal Craft

CONTINUED investment in CNC capabilities has ensured Metal Craft Industries remains at the forefront of sheet metal manufacturing and engineering services.

The Wellingborough firm is a specialist product and development company focused on turning concepts and ideas into reality, designing and manufacturing an array of products across a wide range of industries including retail, catering, medical, laboratories and local government, from basic one off laser or brake pressed components to complex bespoke developments.

Investment in CNC machining has given Metal Craft the capacity and diversity to run multiple jobs simultaneously, enabling the handling of an increasing volume of work, meeting the requirements of customers and ensuring fast turnaround where necessary.

The team at Metal Craft works with customers to turn an initial idea into a product - considering the original concept and building prototypes through to full production - consistently delivering innovative solutions, understanding customers' market needs and improving competitiveness and advanced performance.

Managing Director Reg Larkin said: "Our engineers and craftsmen are true inventors at heart, developing ideas, designing and prototyping and turning designs and customer concepts and sketches into fully working products ready for your market.

"If you company sub contracts or if you are a design or manufacturing company who needs to outsource manufacturing, we are the company to choose. Our skilled engineers and craftsmen are complimented by twenty first century machining technology, delivering highly competitive sheet metal fabrications and CNC machining services.

"These impressive in-house facilities allow us to meet customer needs from design to delivery, with speed and exceptional quality."

For more information, visit or call 01933 440573.

Metal Craft