Money Matters

Money matters, whether you're making it, borrowing it, or investing it. Understanding the financial risks, possible investments and current market is an important process for each and every business owner. Read more from the experts in the financial sector and benefit from their expertise and guidance here.

Money Matters

Autumn Statement set to benefit businesses

9 December 2014

Northamptonshire businesses are set to benefit from a number of measures specifically aimed at helping medium sized companies announced by George Osborne in the 2014 Autumn Statement.

A key...

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Strategy needs to be rethought in the light of pension changes

17 November 2014

SAVERS are rapidly rethinking their strategy for retirement as yet more changes to pension rules are set to open up a new range of options from next April. The latest plans, flagged up by the...

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Act now before it’s too late

14 November 2014

WHILE staging dates for auto-enrolment may seem well in the future to some businesses, financial experts and pension firms are warning that key service providers will reach capacity as deadlines...

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Addressing the medium-size firm tax burden

20 October 2014

COMPLEX tax legislation is one of the key factors holding back greater growth and job creation for medium-sized businesses (MSBs) - but there are ways of making it less taxing.


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Inheritance – a taxing situation

19 September 2014

OVER the past few years, as the economy has slowly recovered, the government's Inheritance Tax (IHT) receipts have steadily increased from £2.3 billion in 2009-2010 to £3.3 billion in 2013-2014 (...

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Digital VAT reforms could mean a windfall for the UK

22 August 2014

CHANGES to EU VAT rules are expected to earn the UK economy up to £2bn extra in VAT receipts over the next five years. The change, which comes in on 1 January 2015, affects the sale of digital...

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