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Spirit Hyundai

1st December 2018


Spirit Hyundai

AS you can imagine all manufacturers and retailers are highly pleased when one of their models is given an award by one of the country's leading automotive magazines.

In the case of the IONIQ this is not just another award - it is acknowledgment that Hyundai have taken the lead in not only producing a vehicle that is at the forefront of the market technologically but one that brings the future to the present. In short the future is here.

When you consider that it's also more practical and smarter inside than its main rivals, the IONIQ is a very well-rounded car is a worthy victor over the more expensive and complex models available in today's market. At a time when diesel pollution is under increasing scrutiny, the IONIQ is the alternative that buyers have been calling out for.

The IONIQ hybrid is an ideal choice for all car buyers, combining low running costs and a relatively modest price tag with a reassuringly normal driving experience that's not unlike that of its conventionally powered hatchback competitors.

Toyota may have had the market for relatively affordable hybrids pretty much sewn up with the Prius since the start of the millennium. However, there is now a truly top-notch alternative in the shape of Hyundai's IONIQ. The IONIQ Hybrid not only has a better overall performance than the Prius, but it's also a lot cheaper to buy or lease, better equipped and more practical.

In addition its lower retail/P11D price offsets some of the extra tax that company car drivers would pay. Hyundai have clearly made huge strides in developing the IONIQ but most importantly they have completely understood not only what the motoring public really wants but what the future and our environment actually needs.

Although you can get Plug-in Hybrid and Electric versions of the IONIQ, it is the Hybrid which is leading Hyundai's sales. It combines a 1.6-litre petrol engine with an electric motor and a small battery pack. For many, this is the best option as the Hybrid is self-charging. Quite simply there is no need to plug it in.

In fact, the IONIQ handles as well as many conventionally powered hatchbacks, with body control that's on a par with that of more expensive machinery, while a slick Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) gearbox ensures that the transition between electric and petrol power is far better synchronised than in the CVT-equipped Prius.

Spirit Hyundai have been swift support this award with an IONIQ Test Drive Programme with incentives for retail customers and reduced rentals for contract hire customers.

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