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DBfB Communications

1st June 2018


DBfB Communications

IT'S Tuesday 22 May and I am being hassled for this article by my marketing team and the editor of Business Times. 'Yes Judith I know I should have sent you it last Friday but it wasn't written then. I'm doing it now!'

dbfb is 20 years old this year as you will see by this month's feature, either before or after this article. Probably the former as 'you are so late'. Ok I know, stop going on, Judith!

The changes in communications in that time have been, to be honest, earth shatteringly astronomic. Mobiles got smaller and then bigger again as our hunger for more and more information on the move progressed. Computing outgrew all expectations and the machinery got smaller as the memories got bigger and the power and speed of calculations exceeded most imaginations. But not everything was rosy in the world of information technology.

Huge advancements in global storage of information meant that a new term was invented, The Cloud. Brilliant, the up-and-coming countries invested in the new technology completely, installing ultra high speed connectivity essential if you are going to move massive amounts of data backward and forward over the World Wide Web.

Meanwhile in Blighty we continued to use good old copper cable because information at the speed of light, i,e. fibre, was too expensive. Only now, as we lag behind the rest of the world for internet speed, have government and incumbent major providers of fixed line systems begun to realise that we have to catch up. But it has taken the the private industry sector to get the ball rolling with relatively small companies investing millions in pure fibre for ultra fast connectivity for business and hopefully soon for the domestic market with the mobile giant Vodafone now in the market.

To speed this up all businesses need to take the leap into ultra fast pure fibre so that the network expands quickly and we can all have the luxury of gigabit speeds at work and home. And fibre does not get congested like other conductors of information.

As I wrote previously, it is Tuesday 22 of May, the time is now 4:30pm, the sun is shining, pour a gin and tonic, remove the cover from the spa in the garden and relax.

Oh bugger now press Send.... Sent!

DBfB Communications